A Dolls House Part II

The play begins with a knock on the door — the same door that was slammed shut, fifteen years earlier when Nora exited at the end of Ibsen’s play. Nora has returned, and it is she who is knocking. After leaving her husband, children, and the nursemaid, Nora became a successful feminist novelist. The reason for her return is to finalize a divorce from Torvald; she needs him to sign the legal papers. Nora is questioned about what she has been doing, and the family and the nursemaid express their recriminations of her.


  • Donnie Barnes as Anne Marie
  • Deshja Driggs-Hall as Nora Helmer
  • Emily Miller as Emmy Helmer
  • Michael Smith-Gallo as Torvald Helmer
  • Kevin Vislocky as Stage Directions