On the night of his untimely death in 1988, Glenn Milstead (better known as Divine of John Waters Fame) comes into his hotel room to get some sleep before filming a guest spot– a likely recurring role, out of drag– on Married, With Children! the next morning. He is immediately confronted by his alter-ego (Divine, a queen that has been “relegated to the closet” as Glenn’s star has risen and Divine’s has begun to fall.) Through conversation and a series of pointed flashbacks— first coincidental but eventually hurled like torpedoes– the two battle it out as they look back on the life that they’ve led together and face the future that seems to lie before them.(Supported by the Divine Estate as the official bio-play about Divine).


  • Ryan Walter as Glenn Milstead
  • Bobby Goodrich as Divine
  • Tim Liu as Miguel/Daniel
  • Kenneth LaBoy Vazquez as Lee
  • E. Dale Smith-Gallo as Peggy
  • Christopher Gibbs as Harris Milstead
  • Michael Smith-Gallo as Bernard
  • Will K. Carey as John Waters
  • Stage Directions- Emily Miller
  • Off-Stage Roles:
    • Laura Byrne as Terry Gross
    • Tess Ammerman as British Woman
    • Kenneth LaBoy Vazquez as News Reporter (Prologue)
    • Christopher Gibbs as Tom Snyder
    • E. Dale Smith-Gallo as Australian Interviewer
    • Michael Smith-Gallo as Final Interviewer