It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play 2020

A group of actors and technicians gather in a 1940’s radio station at holiday time to perform a live broadcast of “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Replete with Foley sound effects, commercials from the era, and sprinkled throughout with a generous dose of music and humor, this charming piece brings the famous story to life in a new way and fills the theatre with the inspiring spirit of the holidays.


  • John Bergeron as Radio Announcer Freddie Filmore (Mr. Henry F. Potter & Joseph, Mr. Gower, Uncle Billy Bailey, Ernie, Mr. Bailey, Old Man Collins, Ed, Man, Giuseppe Martini, Nick, Bridge Keeper & Binky)
  • Noah Adam Lewis as Harry “Jazzbo” Heywood (Clarence & Harry Bailey, Bert The Cop, Oddbody,As-2, Sam Wainwright, Lawyer, Dr. Campbell, Randall, Tom, Man 2, Charlie, Carter, Horace the Bank Teller & Mr. Welch)
  • Colleen Renee Lis as Lana Sherwood (Violet Bick & Matilda, Ruth Dakin Bailey, Rose Bailey, Mrs.Hatch, Passerby at Run on Bank, Mrs. Thompson, & Mrs. Davis)
  • Tim Liu as Jake Laurents (George Bailey)Emily Miller as Sally Applewhite (Mary Hatch Bailey)
  • Live Foley Artists: John Bergeron, Noah Adam Lewis, Colleen Renee Lis, Tim Liu & Emily Miller