Kevin Vislocky

Appearances with Red Mic Rep:

  • The Humans (Erik Blake)
  • Proof  (Robert)
  • Stop Kiss (Detective Cole)
  • I Hate Hamlet (John Barrymore)
  • Red Velvet (Pierre LaPorte)
  • Red Speedo (Coach)
  • Time Stands Still  (James)
  • Antigone (Guard/Messenger)
  • Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Valmont)
  • The Sweetest Swing in Baseball (Roy Gary)
  • The Shadowbox (Joe)
  • Poe: Dreams of Madness (Mad Narrator/Orange Masque/ Roderick)
  • ‘Dentity Crisis (Robert)
  • The Book of Will (William Jaggard)
  • Other Desert Cities (Lyman Wyeth)
  • After The Revolution (Leo Joseph)
  • Reflections on a Pandemic – Thanksgiving 2020 (Bill)
  • The Little Foxes (Horace Giddens)
  • Drunk Series: Lysistrata (Magistrate)
  • The Dresser (Norman)
  • Drunk Shakespeare: The Tempest (Antonio/Ceres)
  • Doubt (Father Flynn)
  • The Bad Seed (Emory Wages)
  • The Other Place (Ian)
  • August: Osage County (Sheriff Deon Gilbeau)
  • Drunk Shakespeare: TMWOW (Host of the Garter)
  • Mauritius (Sterling)

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