Rabbit Hole

Becca and Howie Corbett have a picture perfect family life in the suburbs of New York until a random, tragic accident takes the life of their four-year old son. Soon after, Becca’s younger, irresponsible sister, Izzy, announces that she is pregnant: there will now be a new child in the family. As Becca and Howie grow apart, Becca’s mother, Nat, badgers Becca about her grieving process, and Jason, the young driver who killed their son, continually shows up to ask forgiveness, the group is on a bumpy road to healing with no road map in sight.


  • Sarah Blannett Pharaon as Becca
  • Seth Kaplan as Howie
  • Emily Miller as Izzy
  • Debbie Fieder Buchsbaum as Nat
  • Randy Arbujo as Jason

John Bergeron as Stage Directions/Voice of Danny

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