Reflections on a Pandemic

We collaborated with Studio Players to join forces to present an evening of 10-minute plays written by participants of Studio’s “Playwriting with Panache” class.Join us for eight original plays written by members of the New Jersey Theatre Community and co-produced by Studio Playhouse and RMR! * Denotes RMR Members

Egg Salad by Jeanne Johnston
Helen: Mimi Francis
Marie: Sarah Blannett Pharaon
Linda: Tess Ammerman*

Thanksgiving 2020 by Jessica Katz
Carol: Jessi Baden Campbell
Bill: Kevin Vislocky*

Date With Destiny by Mara Scott
Secretary: Mara Scott
Destiny: Elizabeth Quinones*
Jack: Seth Kaplan

Limp Dick Streaming Service by Alli Hartley-Kong
Natalie: Alicia Whavers*
Josh: Michael Smith-Gallo*

Sweatpants by Alicia Hayes*
Lena: Arianna Scarpetta
Mom: Laura Byrne*

Two Sides by Seth Kaplan
Lance: Joe McCaig*
Samantha: Jordana Nash*
Chad: Randy Arbujo

Savannah by Judy Ryan Hall
Amber: Colleen Lis*
Anna: Emily Miller*

Last Chance by Martha Bauver
Phillip: Steven Michael Martin*
Karen: Deshja Driggs-Hall*

Directed & Stage Directions by:
E. Dale Smith-Gallo*