Rhoda Heartbreak

The CCC is proud to present the second play in Company Member E. Dale Smith-Gallo’s Drag Queen Trilogy, Rhoda Heartbreak.

Across town, at the celebrated drag club “Vestments,” three established queens also try to figure out how to cover for a missing co-worker (also Stella Man). Just as they are beginning to figure it out, they are shocked to discover that the owner has brought in a replacement– a biological woman– who will be performing in drag, but singing live.

Their immediate realization that this woman represents a larger-scale shift for the bar not only results in waging a battle against her but also starts to expose the cracks and prejudices against one another that they have all hidden behind a veil of make-up for years.

The Cast:

  • E. Dale Smith-Gallo as Rhoda Heartbreak
  • Geoffrey Kelly as Ginger Snap
  • Jonhn Squires as ‘Lotta Drama
  • Colleen Renee Lis as Jennifer Sloane
  • Michael Smith Gallo as Stage Directions / Announcer