RMR and Unidentified Stages Presents: From Uterus: Stories From You To Us

For Uterus Directors

Emily Miller, Alicia Whavers

Red Mic Repertory Artistic Director

Emily Miller

Red Mic Repertory Resident Director

Tait Ruppert

Red Mic Repertory Social Media Coordinator

Caroline Ritacco

Unidentified Stages Founders

Alicia Whavers & Angelle Whavers

Our Cast

Laura Byrne

Adele Batchelder

Heidi Hart

Emily Miller

Caroline Ritacco

Alicia Whavers

Angelle Whavers

The Morristown Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is proud to present Red Mic Rep’s & Unidentified Stages’ special production of “From Uterus: Stories From You To Us

Founders Note and Special Thanks

Emily Miller

The RMR was founded as a joke at the beginning of the Pandemic in April 2020. Our first reading was The Humans. We had so much fun that with that reading, that we just kept organizing them until almost two years had passed, and we had staged close to 100 plays with over 75 actors. Tonight’s reading, is the culmination of all of our hard work. We cannot thank you enough for joining us for our reading of For Uterus. We can’t wait to share these stories with you.

Special thanks to…

Our Original Company Members: Laura Byrne, E. Dale Smith-Gallo, Michael Smith-Gallo & Kevin Vislocky

Our Original Audience Members: Hack, Janice and Lola Miller

Studio Playhouse: Amy Fox

And to everyone who donated to our Go Fund Me Campaign


Laura Byrne (“They Wrecked the Joint” by Heidi Hart and “The Cost” by Laura Byrne)- Laura is an actor/ director/ designer who has appeared in productions around the tri-state area since age 5 when her cousin typecast her as the Little Redheaded Girl in Charlie Brown. She is a 6-time Perry award nominee with nominations in both performance and design. Laura is grateful to be back on stage in North NJ after a three-year stint living in Philadelphia. Favorite past roles include Maggie in Jake’s Women, The Ensemble in The Laramie Project, Bunny in Gemini, and Frances in Light Up the Sky.

Caroline Ritacco (“Tampon Terror” by Allyssa Hynes and “Thoughts and Prayers” by Renee Hecht): Caroline has been performing in the New Jersey area for the past seven years, and is so excited to be a part of this reading! Currently, she is a musical theater intern at the Papermill Playhouse. She appeared in the Red Mic Rep productions of August Osage County, Merry Wives of Windsor, Bull In A China Shop, and she is their marketing/social media coordinator. Other favorite roles include Logainne in Spelling Bee, Anita Bath in Rock of Ages HS edition, as well as roles in Brighton Beach Memoirs, Jakes Women (Perry Award Nomination), and The Gingerbread Lady. She also appeared in Oliver, Mary Poppins, A Year with Frog and Toad, and Honk!. She wants to thank everyone in this reading for being so incredible, and dealing with my many Google Forms.

Sarah Decker (“Spells And Senses” By Sarah Decker): Sarah is ecstatic to once again take the stage with RMR for this performance of From Uterus! Sarah has been with the team from its creation and has only enjoyed seeing the process grow! She holds a BFA from Salisbury University in Theatre. Some favorite prior credits include How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, Bright Star, and Young Frankenstein. By day, Sarah is an administrator at a CPA firm. Much love and thanks to Emily for pushing her to speak and share. She sends her love and thanks to her parents and family for always backing her and supporting her, no matter what.

Alicia Hayes (Author of “Googling”): Alicia Hayes is honored to be a part of this reading. Credits include: Colleen/Lisa Simpson (Mr.Burns:A Post Electric Play), Emmy (A Doll’s House: Part Two), Molly (Jake’s Women), Fabian (Twelfth Night), Emily (Our Town) and others. Alicia is also a director and stage manager. She will be directing Clue at Studio Playhouse in September. Love and thanks to those who support her in all her endeavors. Off we go! http://www.aliciachayes.com

Heidi Hart (Author of “They Wrecked The Joint” and “Googling” by Alicia Hayes): Heidi Hart is happy to be returning to Red Mic and Unidentified Stages. Some of her favorite roles include Lady Macbeth in Macbeth, Margaret in Richard III, Karen in Dinner with Friends, Phyllis in Body Awareness, Female Greek Chorus in How I Learned to Drive, Olivia in Five Flights, and a featured role in The Vagina Monologues. She graduated from NYU with a BFA in theater. Heidi would like to thank her family for their love and support.

Alli Hartley-Kong (Author of “Losing My Religion”): Alli Hartley-Kong’s short plays and monologues have been performed across the world, including by A is For, a reproductive rights alliance of Broadway actors and directors. Her full-length play, Waiting for the Double Lines, a play about adoption, abortion, and infertility, was a finalist for the Henley Rose and the JMU New Works Lab. “Theatre should be about what’s real- thank you for inviting me to be a part of this”.

Allyssa Hynes (“Tampon Terror” by Allyssa Hynes): Allyssa is thrilled to be part of this show again with these strong and talented women. She is a playwright who mostly focuses on murder mysteries and children’s shows, though not often at the same time.

Emily Miller (“But he Didn’t Grab My Boob” by Emily Miller and “Freeze, Fawn, Flight, Fight” by Anonymous): Emily Miller is the Artistic Director of Red Mic Rep and one of the creators of From Uterus. As an actress, she has performed in many regional and community theatres in the area, and made her Off Broadway debut last year in Chasing Jack (Jerry Orbach Theatre). Follow @redmicrep and @storiesfromyoutous for more show updates!

Angelle Whavers (“Truth Hurts Parody” and “An Open Letter To My Breast” by Angelle Whavers): With a B.A. in theater and history from Drew University, Angelle has co-written and performed with the Tectonic Theater Project, Parody in Blue, as well as From Uterus with Unidentified Stages and The Red Mic Repertory Company. Additionally, her play Incubator was a part of the 2019 New York Theater Festival, and her play Boogie won the 2020 New Works Festival at the Growing Stage, later receiving a production. She is the co-founder and Director of Social Media for Unidentified Stages and some of her favorite acting roles include: Sapphire, 4320p: Immersion; Nell, Haiku; and Florence, Poof!

Alicia Whavers (“Weight Class” by Jess Katz, “Sex Can Be Fun” by Alicia Whavers and “Truth Hurts” by Alicia Whavers and Angelle Whavers): Alicia (EMC) is an actress, singer and playwright, who was born and raised in Newark, NJ. She received a B.A. in Theatre Arts and Honors English from Drew University. Alicia has performed along the East Coast from New Jersey to Massachusetts. She is so thankful to be part of this experience and would like to thank her mother, sister, and boyfriend.

Jess Katz (Author of “Weight Class”): Jess Katz is thrilled to have her monologue “Weight Class” performed as part of this evening of female voices! Jess has worked with RMR writing a 10 min play “Thanksgiving 2020” that was performed by members virtually in “Reflections on a Pandemic”. She performed in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “The Women of Lockerbie”. She is an Educator/Actor/Singer/Writer, runs her own online theatre group “The Living Room” and is the head of Workshops for the Maplewood Strollers.

Leslie Williams Ellis (Author of “Almost Heaven”): is proud to be part of this extraordinary group of women telling women’s stories and raising money to defend women’s rights, and is thrilled Ginny Mitchell is once again, bringing Almost Heaven to life. Leslie is an actor, producer, real estate agent, tv chef, wife, bonus mom, and a proud cat and dog mom. She is also the incoming President of Chatham Players, an institution she has held near and dear for 50+ years.

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Thank you for coming and showing your support!