Stella Man

Come see the exciting conclusion of E. Dale Smith-Gallo’s Drag Queen Trilogy, Stella Man.So where the fuck is Stella? Oh, you know, just having a schizophrenic episode on a street corner in the Bronx as she waits for the bus and tries to panhandle for another dollar so that she can get to work. It’s Halloween, and Stella is approached by a mysterious stranger who seems to have her best interests at heart, but may also be hiding an ulterior motive


  • Geoffrey Kelly as Stella Man
  • Glenn Fleary as The Stranger
  • E. Dale Smith Gallo as Stage Directions

And a bonus piece, also by Dale, “Easy to Love”


  • E. Dale Smith-Gallo as Miss Buttery Fly
  • Alicia Hayes as Virginia
  • Emily Miller as Stage Directions