Deshja Driggs-Hall

Appearances with Red Mic Rep: Stupid F**king Bird (Emma)The Book of Will (Elizabeth Condell /Emilia Bassano/Fruit Seller)After the Revolution (Mel)In the Next Room; (or The Vibrator Play) (Annie)Reflections on a Pandemic – Last Chance (Karen)The Vagina Monologues (“Reclaiming Cunt”)The Little Foxes (Regina Giddens)One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Nurse Ratched)Boston Marriage (Anna)God of Carnage (Veronica Novak)A…… Continue reading Deshja Driggs-Hall

Ali Archetti

Appearances with Red Mic Rep: Revlon Girl (Sian),Noises Off (Dotty Ottley), The Women (Sylvia Fowler)Family Names (Sheila)12 Angry Jurors (Juror #11)Dog Sees God (CB’s Sister)Red Speedo (Lydia)Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Tourvel)The Sweetest Swing in Baseball (Erica/Dr. Stanton) The Shadowbox (Maggie)‘Dentity Crisis (Jane)Stupid F**king Bird (Mash)Sense and Sensibility (Lucy Steele/Gossip 2)After The Revolution (Jess)Peepshow (Sharon)Drunk Shakespeare: AMND…… Continue reading Ali Archetti

Tess Ammerman

Appearances with Red Mic Rep: The Women (Euphie/Miss Fordyce/Miss Trimmerback/Sadie)12 Angry Jurors (Juror #3)Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Merteuil)Enchanted April (Lotty Wilton)Sunday on the Rocks (Gayle)‘Dentity Crisis (The Woman)Sense and Sensibility (Elinor Dashwood)Divine/Intervention (British Woman)Reflections on a Pandemic – Egg Salad (Linda)The Vagina Monologues (“The Vagina Workshop Monologue”)Drunk Series: Lysistrata (Chorus Leader #2)Boston Marriage (The Maid)Drunk Shakespeare:…… Continue reading Tess Ammerman