Tess Ammerman

Appearances with Red Mic Rep:

  • The Women (Euphie/Miss Fordyce/Miss Trimmerback/Sadie)
  • 12 Angry Jurors (Juror #3)
  • Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Merteuil)
  • Enchanted April (Lotty Wilton)
  • Sunday on the Rocks (Gayle)
  • ‘Dentity Crisis (The Woman)
  • Sense and Sensibility (Elinor Dashwood)
  • Divine/Intervention (British Woman)
  • Reflections on a Pandemic – Egg Salad (Linda)
  • The Vagina Monologues (“The Vagina Workshop Monologue”)
  • Drunk Series: Lysistrata (Chorus Leader #2)
  • Boston Marriage (The Maid)
  • Drunk Shakespeare: The Tempest (Caliban)
  • She Kills Monsters (Narrator)
  • Four Dogs and a Bone (Collette)
  • God of Carnage (Annette Raleigh)
  • It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play (Violet Bick)

Directed at Red Mic Rep:

  • Constellations
  • The River
  • Blackbird
  • She Kills Monsters

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