The Book of Will

The King’s Men are getting the band back together. The goal: to gather the Bard’s scattered masterpieces and bind them to each other, and to history. It’s a grand feat, to be sure. Especially for a community of actors who may know all the ins and outs of iambic pentameter, but next to nothing about binding books.

The Cast

  • Laura Byrne as Rebecca Heminges & Anne Hathaway Shakespeare
  • Deshja Driggs-Hall as Elizabeth Condell, Emilia Bassiano Lanier, & Fruit Seller
  • Alan Ellis as John Heminges
  • Ray Fritz as Marcus, Boy Hamlet, Crier, & Bernardo
  • Christopher Gibbs as Richard Burbage
  • Tim Liu as Ralph Crane, Barman, Compositor, & Francisco
  • Joe McCaig as Ben Johnson, Horatio, Barman 2, & Dering
  • Emily Miller as Alice Heminges & Susannah Shakespeare
  • Dale Smith-Gallo as Henry Condell
  • Kevin Vislocky as William Jaggard
  • James Weeks as Ed Knight & Isaac Jaggard
  • Colleen Renee Lis as Stage Directions