The Children’s Hour

Longtime friends Martha and Karen run a boarding school for girls. When an unruly child, Mary, is punished for lying, she concocts a story that Karen and Martha are having a lesbian relationship. When the story spreads, parents withdraw their children from the school and the women’s lives are never the same.

Directed By:

Laura Byrne


  • Debbie Fiedler Buchsbaum as Amelia Tilford
  • Deshja Driggs-Hall as Lily Mortar
  • Mareau Driggs-Hall as Mary Tilford
  • Allyssa Hynes as Catherine
  • Judi Laganga as Agatha
  • Pierce V. Lo as Joseph Cardin
  • Emily Miller as Karen Wright
  • Jennifer Moore as Martha Dobie
  • Jordana Nash as Evelyn Munn
  • Ally O’Brien as Rosalie Wells
  • Arianna Scarpetta as Peggy Rogers
  • Yani Whidbee as Helen Burton
  • Vicky Wolak as Lois Fisher
  • Jackie Matthews as Grocery Boy / Stage Directions