The Dresser

During World War II, an embittered actor known to others as Sir is well past his prime. Formerly a renowned performer, Sir must now settle for leading a shoddy troupe of aged actors and army rejects in performances of Shakespeare’s greatest plays. His anxiety, regret and age begin to get the better of him, and his work starts to suffer. Only Norman, a timid dresser who is unfailingly devoted to Sir, can hold the show together as it threatens to collapse.


  • Christopher Gibbs as Sir
  • Kevin Vislocky as Norman
  • Janet Sales as Her Ladship
  • Laura Byrne as Madge
  • Ali Archetti as Irene
  • Tim Liu as Oxenby/Edmund
  • Alan Ellis as Geoffrey/Glouscter/Albany/Gentleman
  • Steven Michael Martin as Kent
  • Nicole Boscarino as Stage Directions