The Humans

One year ago, on April 13th, Colleen and Emily asked a few friends to read one of Emily’s favorite shows The Humans. Covid was a drag and we missed theatre. Never did Colleen and Emily imagine that one year later we would be here bigger and better and still thriving.

To celebrate where we started and where we are now, we are restaging our first show The Humans, with the original cast, and the brilliant Lynette Sheard joining us as Momo.

At Thanksgiving, the Blake family gathers at the run-down Manhattan apartment in Chinatown of Brigid Blake and her boyfriend Richard. Brigid’s parents, Erik Blake and Deirdre Blake, arrive from their home in Scranton, Pennsylvania, to have dinner with Brigid, Richard and Aimee, their other adult daughter. Brigid is a musician and Aimee is a lawyer living in Philadelphia. Aimee has recently broken up with her girlfriend and has developed an intestinal ailment. Also present is Erik’s mother Fiona “Momo”, who has Alzheimer’s disease. The parents are unhappy that their daughters have left home and have abandoned their religion. The family members must deal with aging, illness, and a changing economy.


  • Laura Byrne as Deidre Blake
  • Colleen Renee Lis as Aimee Blake
  • Emily Miller as Brigid Blake
  • Lynette Sheard as Momo
  • Michael Smith-Gallo as Richard Saad
  • Kevin Vislocky as Eric Blake
  • Dale Smith-Gallo as Stage Directions