The Sweetest Swing in Baseball

An artist named Dana Fielding is suffering from a slump in both her career and her personal life. After a disastrous gallery showing, her paranoia and depression send her boyfriend packing. When Fielding attempts suicide, she lands in a mental ward and finds she enjoys the structure of the days. But when she learns her health insurance will pay for only a 10-day stay, she cooks up a scheme with two fellow patients to fool the doctors into believing she’s psychotic. Without knowing much about him, she takes on the personality of troubled baseball star Darryl Strawberry.

The Cast:

  • Allyssa Hynes as Dana Fielding
  • Roy Gary: Kevin Vislocky
  • Rhonda / Dr. Gilbert: Laura Byrne
  • Brian / Michael: Steven Michael Martin
  • Erica / Dr. Stanton: Ali Archetti

Stage Directions: Emily Miller