The Vagina Monologues

During the pandemic, this company has worked with 28 extraordinary women. 23 of them will be back with us to celebrate each other, this incredible day, and most importantly VAGINAS.

Playwright and performance artist Eve Ensler interviewed over 200 women from a wide range of ages and cultural backgrounds, many of whom bared their proverbial souls by responding to questions like, “What would your vagina say if it could talk?” and, “If you could dress your vagina, what would it wear?” Almost like poetry, each soliloquy reveals a different woman’s experience with topics like sex, love, tenderness, embarrassment, cruelty, pain, and pleasure.


  • Tess Ammerman: “The Vagina Workshop Monologue” & “Memory of Her Face Fact”
  • Ali Archetti: “Happy Vagina Fact”, “My Vagina Was My Village” & “I Was 12. My Mother Slapped Me”
  • Adele Batchelder: “The Flood”, “Crooked Braid” & “Vagina Warrior Intro”
  • Nicole Boscarino: “My Angry Vagina” & “Vagina Warrior”
  • Olivia Clavel-Davis: “I was 12. My Mother Slapped Me”, “Crooked Braid” & “Vagina Warrior”
  • Sarah Decker: “Introduction” & “The Smells List”
  • Deshja Driggs-Hall: “The Flood Intro”, “Reclaiming Cunt” & “Vagina Warrior”
  • Alicia Hayes: “The Lists”, “My Vagina Was My Village” & “Vagina Warrior”
  • Allyssa Hynes: “Hair” & “Not So Happy Fact”
  • Sophia Yael Koevary: “I Was 12. My Mother Slapped Me”, “The Memory of Her Face” & “Vagina Warrior”
  • Colleen Renee Lis: “Because He Liked to Look At Intro”, “The Woman Who Loved to Make Vaginas Happy” & “Vagina Warrior”
  • Emily Miller: “The Lists”, “I Was 12. My Mother Slapped Me Intro”, “Reclaiming Cunt Intro” & “Vagina Warrior”
  • Jennifer Moore: “Because He Liked To Look At It” & “The Woman Who Loved To Make Vaginas Happy Intro”
  • Tara Moran: “Introduction”, “Outrageous Vagina Fact” & “Vagina Warrior”
  • Jordana Nash: “Hair Intro”, “Crooked Braid” & “The Memory of Her Face”
  • Ally O’Brien: “Introduction”, “The Interview” & “I Was There in the Room Intro”
  • Elizabeth QuiƱones: “Crooked Braid”, “The Memory of Her Face”, “The Smells List” & “Vagina Warrior”
  • Lynette Sheard: “Crooked Braid Intro” & “I Was There in the Room”
  • Alicia Whavers: “Crooked Braid” & “The Little Coochie Snorter That Could”
  • Angelle Whavers: “Crooked Braid”, “The Little Coochie Snorter That Could Intro” & “Vagina Warrior”
  • Vicky Wolak: “I Was 12. My Mother Slapped Me”, “My Vagina Was My Village Into” & “Vagina Warrior”
  • Maddie Yatsko: “The Lists” & “The Interview”