Vicky Wolak

Appearances with Red Mic Rep:

  • The Women (Olga/Little Mary/2nd Model/Girl in Distress)
  • I Hate Hamlet (Deirdre McDavey),
  • The Thugs (Diane)
  • Antigone (Guard/Messenger)
  • Poe: Dreams of Madness (Police 1/ Masque Narrator/Black Cat)
  • The Vagina Monologues (“I Was 12. My Mother Slapped Me”)
  • Drunk Series: Lysisrata (Rhodippi/Corinthian Whore)
  • Blithe Spirit (Edith)
  • The Children’s Hour (Lois Fischer)
  • Drunk Shakespeare: The Tempest (Francisco/Iris)
  • She Kills Monsters (Evil Gabbi)
  • Crimes of the Heart (Chick Boyle)

Master of Libation Celebrations:

  • Drunk Shakespeare: AMND
  • Drunk Lysistrata
  • Drunk Shakespeare: The Tempest
  • Drunk Shakespeare: TMWOW

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